martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

Testing posibilities.... 1st September

Well, dates are not exactly...  but meanwhile I was checking my new phone capabilities... ideas were running... first... why do not make a little demo to test the accelerometer?
Things I needed...
*a tutorial to show me how could I get access to it... (take a look to related links)
*something to let me show more than a simple text on the screen... so I decided to start using an animated sprites
Using the output parameters of the accelerometer you can easily apply them to change the sprite position... making a small sprite sliding through the screen.
If you complete this limiting the sprite movements inside the screen borders and using an animated ball sprite, the result is a "little demo" of how the accelerometer could be used to interact with game elements.

My animated web logo from

pretty good... but too much for what I needed
something easy


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